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Iron Fences Installation in Ottawa

Sleek and Strong.

ABD IronWorld offers a wide range of balcony, pool, lawn, garden, yard and ornamental iron fences. Iron fences help to keep children and pets safely at home – and likewise keep unwanted guests out. The products are designed and manufactured at our shop in Ottawa to satisfy the most sophisticated customers’ requirements. Our Iron fences will bring you peace of mind while adding to the value and security of your property.

Iron Fencing General Information

Iron is one of the basic elements making up the earths crust and part of its core. It is also one of the strongest metals. However, iron will also oxidize quicker than other metals. Because of this iron is always coated with an anti-corrosive paint helping it to last up to twenty years. This practice specifically applies to iron when used as a fence material.

Accordingly an iron fence will corrode with long-term exposure to water, salt, dust or dirt. This brings us to why using a form of galvanized iron helps alleviate premature oxidation. This type of iron is also called Galvalume Steel, which is iron designed for outdoor use specifically.

Galvalume Steel has similar properties to both galvanized steel and aluminium in that it retards oxidation of the metal better. In addition, standard coatings are applicable upon request,

Powder Coating that provides an even coat with an increased anti-oxidation property and oven baked paint, with a greater adhesion, and a longer lifespan while offering a high-gloss finish. Both offer maintenance free care, this means never having to repaint or perform a touch-up on the coating. Furthermore, each iron fence has stainless-steel welds for every joint which adds to the strength of the fence.