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Post and Supply

This is a service that we provide as a supplement to a customer that wishes to install a fence themselves. The expense is far less than if we were hired for labour only. This service has two steps that ABD Iron World takes responsibility for. The first step is as follows:

Step One

A team of professional installers arrives and set the posts for the fence. The techniques that they apply will vary depending on the soil and the type of fence. Nonetheless, once this step is complete, the customer can rest assured that the posts have been set correctly.

Step Two

We deliver the supplies to finish off the installation. This is where the do-it-yourselfer begins their leg of the project.The supplies that arrive come in a ‘knock-down’ form making is easier to handle and install.

The advantages of the Post & Supply service are as follows

  • The expense is lower than a full install
  • The fence is put together to the customers specs
  • Having the ability to take pride in finishing the project

This service works well for those individuals that are comfortable with a tool belt and a hammer. For more information on how this service works call us 613-745-4600