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Call Before You Dig

Understandably, when homeowners want to perform a do-it-yourself project or even pay someone to do it  that, involves digging, it is wise to call a hot line where you can get information on where possible gas, water, or underground electrical power lines are located on or around the property.

The City of Ottawa changed the process for this by partnering with the Ontario One Call service for the express reason to provide a single point of contact for such information. This stems from a mandate structured by the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, of 2012.

The contact number has been 1-800-400-2255 since 2014. A visit to the web site  at can also get the information that is needed before beginning any type of project that needs excavation of post hole digging as part of  it.

In scenarios where a property is having a fence or gate installed knowing the location of any type of underground utility, is essential for the safety of all parties involved. The main reason is if any type of damage occurs, the responsibility for repair falls on the homeowner or the contractor. Having the knowledge of what utilities run through a property is valuable in these situations because there may be gas lines, fibre optics,  telephone, television, or water lines running directly in the path of the perspective fence line.

Knowledge is power so always call before you dig!