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What Metal Type is used To Manufacture Railings?

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In the early days, wood was the material of choice for making railings. As metal working started, wood was slowly replaced by iron which became a mainstay. There have been a series of experiments with different materials used for structures and buildings but iron has remained all time favorite.

During the industrial revolution, metallurgy flourished as people began the use of wrought iron and cast iron. At the time, welding was unknown and metals were joined together by riveting or heating and hammering them together. The entire process required immense skills and manual labor. Making iron railings was an expensive undertaking that could only be afforded by the rich and the elite.

The availability of different technologies has made it easier to work with iron. Iron carries the comparative advantages of durability and low cost. Iron remains the metal of choice due to its durability that has helped it survive different ages.

Iron for making railings can be used in three forms including steel, wrought iron, and cast iron. Both cast iron and wrought iron have been used for many years whereas steel came into use more recently.

The use of wrought iron railings has diminished in a very big way since its construction is labor intensive and requires skilled personnel. The cast iron railings are brittle and break easily. They were no longer preferred since repairing them was not possible.

The discovery of mild steel in the 18th century transformed the manufacture of railings. Working with mild steel was relatively easy and shaping could be achieved through hammering only. It is not necessary to heat mild steel to shape it and riveting was sufficient to hold two pieces of railings together.

Further advancement in metallurgy has led to the development of technology and machines that make working with steel simple and easy. ABD IronWorld makes use of machines that easily cut, bend and weld steel rods.

The construction of steel railings is now popular and has been made easy by modern equipment able to produce different designs and shapes. The standardized shape of steel railings has effectively reduced the weight and cost of making them.

At present, steel is the preferred material for the manufacture of railings. ABD IronWorld uses steel for manufacture of railings used in residential and commercial settings in Ottawa since it is strong, elegant and low maintenance costs.

16 Apr, 19

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