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Warranty Information

ABD Iron World guarantees that every product we supply meets all standards, according to the guidelines, tolerances, limitations, and or variations of the products offered. In addition, all service work that we perform meets or exceeds industry standards or guidelines that are generally accepted throughout the fence industry.

The warranted product is any, part, or piece that makes up a fence. The Service is the installation and construction of a fence.

Furthermore, all products and services that are warranted fall under what is deemed normal and intended use under the terms and conditions described by this product and service warranty for the designated period stated in the warranty charts at the end of the page.

Replacement Parts, Warranty Initiation, and Claims

ABD Iron World reserves the right to correctly replace older or outdated parts with new products designed for the same function as per the terms of this warranty statement. Initialization of a warranty only begins  as soon as all parties involved have completed their stated actions of a job, this includes paying in full for all services rendered.

All claims against a warranty are to be written and forwarded, along with a copy of the sales order to ABD Iron World prior to the expiration of the warranty period.

Not Covered as Normal or Intended use

  • Drifting snow, mounds of earth or other materials leaning against the product
  • Application of water or chemicals that contain a high mineral level on or around the product.
  • Any damage resulting from any type of organic materials, including plant life or any other foreign materials, that come in constant contact with the product
  • Any damage caused through negligence or natural acts of nature

Warranty Periods Chart

  • Aluminium Gates over 60″ wide – 1 year
  • Aluminium Fences over 6′ high –  1 year
  • All Other Aluminium Products – 1 years
  • Iron Gates over 60″ wide – 1 year
  • Iron Fences over 6′ high – 1 year
  • All Other Iron Products – 1 years
  • Chain Link Products – 1 Years
  •  Other Products & Accessories (Not listed above) – 1 Year

ALL Warranties are:

  • “As-per intended use”,
  • Limited to replacement of product or value of original contract
  • The Customer must remain as the primary occupant on an uninterrupted basis (NOT TRANSFERABLE).

This constitutes the complete warranty by ABD Iron World. No other agreement, written or implied, is valid. ABD Iron World does not authorize any other person or agent to make any other express warranties